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The Fall of the House of Reardon is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The quest is given when Geralt meets an old lady in Lindenvale, named Dolores, as she's kicked out of someone's hut or by finding her notice on the nearby notice board. She returned to the area after her husband passed away and was looking to move back into her family's estate, but the place is supposedly crawling with monsters. She'll then ask Geralt to help her.

Walkthrough Edit

The events that unfold at the manor are dependent entirely on whether Geralt either spared or killed Letho during The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

  • If Geralt chose to spare Letho, Geralt arrives at the manor to find that there are no monsters in the area. What he does find are traps around the area and someone hiding in the barn, activating the quest Ghosts of the Past.
  • If Geralt killed Letho, there will be no traps and the estate is instead filled with wraiths, which Geralt has to kill.

Regardless of above, Geralt can find a treasure chest containing gold which Dolores agreed would be his payment. He can also find the skeleton of her late brother, whom her husband starved to death by putting him behind a wall in the cellar, which you can find by going behind the manor and finding a small stairwell covered by bushes.

Head back to the old lady to inform her that her house is safe, ending the quest. If her brother's skeleton was also found, Geralt can inform her of his fate, but isn't required for quest completion.

Journal entry Edit

Continuing his tour of rural Velen, Geralt stopped by the village of Lindenvale. There he came across a grief-stricken old woman. The cause of her woe? She was homeless, a monster having made its nest in her family manor and forced her into a rental situation elsewhere that had recently proven unaffordable. When Geralt approached her, she asked him to rid her manor of this beast. In return she gave him a precious token - the key to the chest in which she claimed to keep her life savings. Geralt couldn't refuse to help an elderly person in need, especially not one so eager to reward him handsomely for it, and so decided to do as she asked.
If Geralt finds the skeleton in the cellar:
Speaking of that brother... while in the manor, Geralt happened across a most unusual find - the body of a young man bricked up behind a wall. It seemed this was no macabre bricklaying accident but a grisly murder - the man was Humbert, Dolores' brother, and his murderer Dolores' first husband, Roderick. He returned to Dolores and told her of this, and, though learning the truth froze the old woman's blood in her veins and undoubtedly took years off the already short time remaining to her, she was grateful to Geralt for the information.
If Geralt let Letho live:
When Geralt arrived at the Reardon family manor, he found that Letho had long ago rid the place of the beasts that once prowled it. All that was left for him to do was to tell the woman that her former home was now safe. When Dolores heard the news she was beside herself with joy, as the place was closely tied to her fondest childhood memories - to the days when she was young and beautiful and lived there with her brother and parents.
Dolores moved back in to her family manor and lived there in peace and comfort to the end of her days.

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