"The Curious Cases of Virtuous Vegga" is a book and quest item in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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Journal entry Edit

"Can there be such a thing as a virtuous whore?" — Vegga asked herself this question each and every morning, and each morning swore she would prove to the world that practicing the world's oldest profession does not preclude virtue.
That determination augmented not only to her own troubles, but also those of Gaspard de Bruelle, her mother's longtime friend who, as a personal favor, had hired Vegga to work in his establishment, The Golden Garter. Poor Gaspard had to listen to the constant complaints of customers who would charge into his office in a huff about Vegga's behavior. Yet the girl clung firm to her principles and her ironclad drive to see them through. She would never perform with any lights lit and would avert her gaze with a powerful blush upon catching sight of the male member. Gaspard's greatest headache, however, was the fact that virtuous Vegga never, ever accepted any payment for her services (...)