The Chimera's Head is the sole inn in Jealousy after the town had been all but burned down 7 years prior. In 1267, Leo Bonhart stayed here and where the Rats confronted him, thinking they could easily take on the legendary bounty hunter. Instead, he killed all of them save for Falka. Afterwards, with a tied up Falka, he went back inside and had her strip down to make sure she wasn't hiding any magical items that could help her escape, before he finished his food while he waited for his clothes to be laundered.

A short time later, Windsor Imbra, Baron of Casadei's representative, approached the inn with several men in toll to take Falka back to the baron, as part of the original contract. However, Bonhart had decided he'd get more money elsewhere and refused. Before a fight broke out, Bonhart informed Imbra if he wished to take Falka, to meet him in Claremont in 10 days.