The Calm Before The Storm is one of the main quests in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and starts right after the previous quest. It tells the story of how Ciri arrived in Lofoten and what happened shortly after.

Journal entry Edit

Craven's reanimated corpse told Geralt and Yennefer about Ciri's stay on Hindarsfjall. She had made a dramatic entrance, popping out of thin air in a narrow escape from some unknown danger. Exhausted and wounded, she was carried by a mysterious companion who then entrusted her into Craven's care. He took her home, where his family tended to her with warmth and kindness. For the first time in a very long while, Ciri had a moment to catch her breath and enjoy life's simple comforts.
Sadly, she was not given long to savor these blissful moments. The Wild Hunt had caught Ciri's scent. Dark clouds gathered in the sky, puddles began to ice over and the ruthless wraiths rode towards the village. Ciri knew she was in no shape to defeat her assailants. Craven, or rather Skjall, for that was the unfortunate lad's true name, decided to help her, putting his own life and honor at risk.
Ciri raced off to Drowned Dead Rock, where she rejoined her masked companion. From what Skjall could see the two got into some sort of quarrel, which the mysterious man ended by putting Ciri to sleep with a spell. He then set her down in a boat and sailed off with her into the thick fog blanketing the surrounding sea.
Ciri had thus escaped the Wild Hunt once again. Skjall was less fortunate - the wraiths had wounded him and left him for dead. Yet he had life in him still and fought his way back to consciousness. When his eyes opened, he saw he was lying on the beach near a boat - the very same vessel in which Ciri and her companion had sailed away the night before. Now it bore but a single, highly unusual passenger -- the ugliest man in the world.

Objectives Edit

  • Follow Astrid to the sauna.
  • Leave your clothes in the changing room.
  • Follow Astrid.
  • [Optional] Jump into the water to cool off and regenerate.
  • [Optional] Drink a shot of Freya's Firewater to warm up.
  • Join Skjall in the stable.
  • Try to defeat the warriors of the Wild Hunt.
  • Get on a horse and flee towards Drowned Dead Rock.
  • Make it to Drowned Dead Rock while avoiding the riders of the Wild Hunt.