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The Black Widow is a treasure hunt quest in the Blood and Wine expansion.

You can start this quest by reading a note on a corpse, found west of Flovive sign post, east of Count de la Croix's Mill.

Journal entry Edit

While traversing the boggy flood plains along the Sansretour, Geralt almost tripped over the corpse of a drowned man washed up on the bank. He searched the man's bloated remains and found a letter that revealed a bit about the deceased.
The youth had been sent to the river to fish out a treasure from a boat that had gone to the bottom years before. Interestingly, Geralt had already happened on another wretch much like this one. As it was, both had been sent to a certain death by one Bella de Gunness.
The unfortunate souls would do no more diving. Geralt decided to look for the chest full of valuables himself.
The boat wreck was swarming with drowners. Yet the witcher cut them down to the last in a flash. He then found the treasure and, wealthier by a tidy sum, set off for his next adventure!


  • Read the letter.
  • Find the casket within the sunken wreck.