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Scrolls generic icon letter The Alp Contract

Let it be known far and wide that the chief of Murky Waters promises to reward anyone who delivers five sets of fangs of the dangerous beasts knowns as alps.

Tobias Hoffman.

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After his arrival in Murky Waters and his usual preliminary perusal of the local notice board, Geralt finds the Alp Contract. It seems that Tobias is very much interested in culling the local alp population and would pay handsomely to have this service rendered. Why this is right up a witcher's alley!...and it is off to collect a few fangs from some alps.

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Alp Fangs Edit

The village chief will pay anyone who brings him five alp fangs as proof of having culled a few of the beasts. I need to obtain five alp fangs for the village chief.

Loot Edit

I have five alp fangs. I should see the village chief about my reward. I should see the village chief and claim my reward.

Payment Edit

I delivered the alp fangs to the village chief as proof of having killed several of the monsters. I received my reward for the alp fangs. (250 Items Oren + 5000 XP)