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The Alghoul Contract

I will pay for the marrow of three alghouls (must be fresh!)

Kalkstein, alchemist
Temple Quarter.

Walkthrough Edit

Substances Alghoul marrow Substances Alghoul marrow Substances Alghoul marrow

The alghoul entry in the Bestiary is required to complete this contract. The alchemist, Kalkstein, wants three fresh portions of alghoul marrow for his research.

  • You can find an alghoul in the Vizima cemetery and the crypt under it. Collect the desired amount of marrow and return for a reward.
  • Alghouls aplenty also spawn near the corpses west of the ruined tower in the Swamp during the night.

Notes Edit

  • This quest can only be completed if the Bestiary contains an entry about alghouls (you must buy The Tome of Fear and Loathing, volume II).
  • Most contract quests must be completed during the same act of the game in which they are first received. However, this contract quest, received in Chapter II, can be turned into Kalkstein as late as Chapter III. (The quest becomes marked as "Failed" if you reach Chapter IV without completing it.)

Phases Edit

Alghoul Marrow Edit

Kalkstein will pay cash for the marrow of three alghouls. I must collect the marrow of three alghouls for Kalkstein.

Loot Edit

I have the marrow of three alghouls and I should deliver it to Kalkstein. I should see Kalkstein and collect my reward. (500 XP)

Payment Edit

Job done. Kalkstein can brew up a mountain of potions. I received my reward for the alghoul marrow. (150 Items Oren + 2000 XP)