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Saved games in The Witcher all have this extension. TheWitcherSave File format appears to be organized as follows:

Resource Data
Resource Table

Header Edit

Offset Size Type Name Notes
0x0000 4 char Magic "RGMH".
0x0004 1 uchar Version?
0x0005 3 Structure padding.
0x0008 8 ulong Header size Always 0x2028 (1.1a).
0x0010 4
0x0014 4 ulong
0x0018 4 uint Always 0xEE7C4A60 (1.1a).
0x001C 4 uint Always 0x459E4568 (1.1a).
0x0020 4 uint Always 0x10D3DBBD (1.1a).
0x0024 4 Always 0x1CBCF20B (1.1a)
0x0028 2048 u16str "Lightning Storm".
0x0828 2048 u16str Name of last area
0x1028 2048 u16str Name of last area #2
0x1828 2048 u16str

Resource table Edit

Contains list of Resource Table Entries.

Resource Table Entry Edit

Offset Size Type Description
0 4 DWORD Size of resource name.
4 var CHAR Resource name
4+var 4 DWORD Size of resource.
8+var 4 DWORD Offset to resource data from beginning of file.

Coda Edit

Read from back of file:

Offset Size Type Description
n−4 4 DWORD Number of resources in resource table.
n−8 4 DWORD Offset to Resource Table from beginning of file.

External Links Edit

WitchSav - tk102's savegame unpacker/repacker

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