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Location Tesham Mutna Ruins
Tesham Mutna Ruins in Toussaint are located south of Francollarts and they bear bloody memories of vampire inhabitants.

Tesham Mutna itself is a fortress in ruins, built perhaps not long after vampires appeared during the Conjunction of the Spheres. It is able to hold several dozen humans in its holding pens like "cattle" for vampires to drink blood. An addition to the fortress is the "Place of Execution", a dungeon specifically made for a vampire, where a cage made of silver, dalvinite and meteorite steel was made to contain a higher vampire.

Legend has it that a higher vampire named Khagmar was known for his blood-lust that he can drink off an entire village in one night. When fear griped the land, the populace hired witchers and wizards to kill the vampires. While higher vampires cannot be killed by normal means, the constant hunting truly became an annoyance to other vampires, and decided Khagmar should be punished. Khagmar was put in the special cage for two hundred years, slowly being crazed by the blood letting done by his compatriots on humans.

Hundreds of years later, the higher vampire Regis and his friend Geralt, a witcher, went to Tesham Mutna on a task to get an agitated form of higher vampire blood. There, Regis explained the history of Tesham Mutna and confirming the legend on Khagmar.

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It is widely accepted that vampires came into our world during the Conjunction of the Spheres. They quickly spread across all the Continent, trying to adapt to their new situation. According to legend, one of them, Khagmar, settled in Toussaint. Grim tales are whispered about his deeds, but whether he truly even existed is hard to say. The tales do agree on one thing, however: Khagmar’s story is inextricably tied to the mysterious fortress known as Tesham Mutna.

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