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This page defines some of the terms used in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The terms are in ascending alphabetical order.

Item imageEdit

The image of an item is the icon of the item in the inventory.

Image requirements:
  1. The item shall NOT be selected.
    Rationale: Using the not selected version of the icon enables us to cut multiple icons from a single screen shot.
  2. The item shall have no quantity number in the right bottom corner.
    Stackable item


    Venom extract


  3. The resolution of this image shall be 44x44 pixels.

Item nameEdit

The name of an item is the name as it appears in the game when the item is selected in your inventory.

Item tierEdit

The tier of an item is displayed in the right upper corner of the item window that opens when you mouse over or left click the item. The tier can be one of these:

{{C Item}}

Common Item

{{Mag Item}}

Magic Item

{{Mas Item}}

Master Item

{{R Item}}

Relic Item

Item valueEdit

The value (sometimes abbreviated as Val) is the value as it appears in the game when the item is selected in your inventory when NOT trading. Item values are followed by the icon Template:Crown Item Crownitem

  • You'll pay more than this value when you buy the item.
  • You'll get less than this value when you sell the item.
  • The prices are better if you trade with an expert on the item. So sell weapons to a blacksmith and herbs to a herbalist.

Item weightEdit

The weight (sometimes abbreviated as Wgt) of an item is the weight as it appears in the game when the item is selected in your inventory. Item weights are followed by the icon Template: Weight Item Weight

  • Stackable item If you have more than 1 item of the same kind in your inventory, and the item is stackable, these items occupy only 1 square in the inventory and in the right bottom corner of the item icon the quantity number is displayed. In such case the weight when the item is selected is the total weight of all items represented by the icon.

Monster average lootEdit

The average loot is the average loot for killing 1 monster of this species. The average loot of a monster is determined by killing multiple monsters of the specie and register (in the source of the monster page) the loot of each monster. The average loot is the item looted in total, divided by the number of monsters killed.

Monster classEdit

The class of the monster according to the journal Bestiary.

Monster levelEdit

The level of this type of monster as it appears in the monster's left top corner when fighting it.

Potion effect Edit

This is the effect of the potion. For instance increasing stamina regeneration or health regeneration are examples of possible effects.

Potion toxicity Edit

This is the toxicity of a single does of this potion out of 100. Each potion has a toxicity which witchers are able to endure up to a certain point. For example, 15 is the toxicity of Cat.

Potion duration Edit

This is the duration of time that the potion effect and toxicity will last. Usually this is in seconds but may use other units if specified.

Potion ingredients Edit

These are the ingredients that are used to make to indicated potion including the quantity of each ingredient and any recipe needed.