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This quest leads Geralt to an abandoned hut southwest of the White Orchard cemetery.

Basics Edit

Find a key on the body and open chest on the bottom of the river. Read notes found in the chest and go to the house near the mill.

Use Aard Sign to remove obstacles on the way to the cellar. Use Witcher Senses to find the chest that you can open with the key.

Journal entry Edit

Whenever I would ask the witcher for his opinion concerning my latest sonnet, elegy or even couplet, he'd always claim he hadn't the time. Yet time he had aplenty when it came to reading letters found on corpses or lying about monster nests. Perhaps that was because they, unlike my writings, often proved the path to significant riches...
To Whom It May Concern, By Order of the Legion Commander:
The men bearing htis missive are to be escorted north, to the border post near Oxenfurt, where they will find a Redanian division waiting for them. As noble-born Temerians, they are under special protection and not a hair on their heads is to be harmed. Everything they carry is their own private property and is to remain in their possession.
Any failure to heed this order will be punished in an accelerated military tribunal.
Randal Vittgenberg
Geralt didn't really expect to find anything in the old mill, but decided to search it nonetheless. His decision paid off – clearly Temerians had been forced to abandon this site in a hurry and had left their treasure behind. Now it all belonged to the witcher.

Objectives Edit

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