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The kingdom of Temeria lies south of the river Pontar. Its neighbors are Redania, Kerack, Kaedwen, Aedirn, Mahakam, Lower Sodden, Brokilon Forest and Cidaris. One of the fiefdoms of Temeria is the dukedom of Ellander and the magical Thanedd Island, with a school for young female adepts of magic located off the shore of the kingdom. Temeria is the strongest (next to Kaedwen) of the Northern Kingdoms and played a key role in the first two wars against Nilfgaard. Temeria was ruled by King Foltest and its capital is Vizima.

During the 3rd Nilfgaard-Nordling War, Constable John Natalis led the Temerian army against the Nilfgaardians but was defeated and Temeria conquered. Emperor Emhyr var Emreis established himself in Vizima to oversee the war against Redania. Despite the defeat of the Temerian army, Vernon Roche, the former commander of the Blue Stripes, led a guerilla war with former Temerian soldiers and Redanian funding to free Temeria.

If Nilfgaard wins the war

After his victory over Redania, Emhyr restores Temeria as a realm in liege to his empire, having grown weary of Vernon Roche's effective resistance force. The guerillas lay down they weapons as a result.

If Redania wins the war

Temeria becomes a country submitted to the rule of Redania, under the rule of either King Radovid or Chancellor Sigismund Dijkstra, who takes over the kingdom after the king's assassination.

Kings and rulers of Temeria Edit

Heraldry Edit

COA Temeria4 COA Temeria3 Temeria journal COA Temeria
Kingdom of temeria coa by smiki55

  First four coats of arms were designed by our resident heraldry and Witcher expert Mboro.

Main cities and strongholds Edit

Fiefs Edit


Natural landmarks Edit

The Witcher (PC) Edit

Map Temeria

The Prologue is set at Kaer Morhen (which is in Kaedwen, not Temeria), and the following chapters are all set in or around Vizima. You are not free to travel around Temeria as you wish, the available locations change with each Chapter. There is no way to travel large distances to reach other familiar locations in the game world.

Nevertheless, there is a world map in the game, and examining it gives us a sneak peek at locations that might come into play in the future.

At the top of the map is Vizima, with the Outskirts south-east of it, Old Vizima to the south-west, with the swamp cemetery and the swamp further to the south. The lakeside is just south of the Black Tern Island almost in the south-west corner of the Lake Vizima.

At the bottom left of the map you can see a cut-out which depicts the Northern Kingdoms.

Journal Entry Edit

"Temeria's population is not exclusively human. It also includes dwarves, elves, gnomes and dryads. After the devastating war with Nilfgaard, many areas are haunted by monsters, which have hitherto not constituted a serious threat, while the realm's roads are made unsafe by outlaws and common bandits. As a result, the witcher profession is once again in demand, though people continue to treat witchers with caution and disdain, often calling them mutants and freaks.
The Kingdom of Temeria has silver lilies on a black background as its emblem. This powerful country has gained ever more influence in recent years under the wise rule of King Foltest. Across the Pontar River, the kingdom borders Redania. To the south and east it is hemmed in by mountain ranges, including Mahakam, the mainstay of dwarves and gnomes, past which lie the lands of Lyria and Aedirn. The capital of Temeria is Vizima, lying on the shore of Lake Vizima. The second largest city is Maribor. Temeria mints its own coin — the oren. The most widespread religions are the Cult of Melitele and the belief in the Eternal Fire. Temeria is home to the headquarters and many commanderies of the Order of the Flaming Rose."


The Witcher 2: Assassins of KingsEdit

Journal EntryEdit

Temeria journal Temeria

Anyone who wishes to be considered an educated man rather than a common boor should mention Temeria first where the Northern Kingdoms are concerned. The realm's coat of arms is a black shield dotted with silver fleurs-de-lys, and its capital is Vizima, where the Royal Palace erected by King Foltest stands. The country extends its protection to several surrounding domains, including the mountainous dwarven homeland of Mahakam. Currently Temeria's neighbors include the mighty Redania, the wooded Kaedwen, and Cidaris, known for the truly pathetic poetry of Valdo Marx, a troubadour unworthy of the title, for he chiefly devotes himself to besmirching the work of other, superior artists. Two other places in Temeria are essential to our story and thus must be mentioned. Firstly, north of Vizima, near the White Bridge that links the banks of the Pontar, stands the proud fortress and walled town of the La Valette family. Secondly, further up the Pontar lies the small river port and trading post of Flotsam. Both will prove important to the beginning of our story...

Trivia Edit

The term "Lilies" is used as a collective noun, likely meant to be derogatory, referring to the people from Temeria. A common phrase used by non-Temerian NPC enemies in The Witcher 2 is, "Plough the lilies!" The term most likely originates from the silver lilies in Temeria's emblem.

Video Edit

The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition - Temeria Is Annexed (Epilogue event cutscene)01:34

The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition - Temeria Is Annexed (Epilogue event cutscene)

If Geralt doesn't help Roche...(cutscene)

Temerian monarchs
COA Temeria4 COA Temeria3

COA Temeria2 COA Temeria

DezmodGeddesGardicGoidemarCedricGriffinBienvenu La LouveMedellFoltest
Queens and consorts
VinifridaVulpia of BruggeRiannonAdda of CidarisBerengaria ThyssenClarissa of ToussaintRagbard of EllanderHugo of RiviaSancia of Sodden
Other members of the royal family
Maria PulcheriaLeticia CharbonneauAmavetFionaAdda of TemeriaAdda the White

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