Taxpayer in Good Standing Diploma is a document in the Hearts of Stone expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. If you answered no to two or more questions during The Taxman Cometh, Walthemor Mitty will give this to Geralt.

It's opposite form is Summons to payment, where Geralt must pay 1,000 Oren3 in back taxes before he can access Vimme Vivaldi's services.

Journal entry Edit

In recognition of his manifold virtues, the Revenue and Customs for Occupied Temeria, Dorian branch, awards the
Taxpayer in Good Standing
to Gerald of Rivia, a witcher of the Wolf Guild
Honestas ante Pecunia!

Associated quest Edit


  • Honestas ante Pecunia can be translated from Latin as Honesty upon Money