Ermion Edit

  • Hi guys. I have already putted a redirect on Ermion´s page here since those two are one and the same character. The in-game picture as well as story and journal from the game should be added too. Some help would be appreciated.
And when we are on the topic does anyone know why his English name was changed? I have never read any of the Witcher books in English but I think that Myszowór (his original Polish name) was in the books translated to Mousesack (which is more or less the right translation). In Czech it is translated to Myšilov (also quite a good translation) and finally in the polish version of the game his name is still Myszowór. Does anybody know where the "Ermion" comes from?--ScorpiO (talk) 17:20, August 5, 2015 (UTC)