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There are four official talismans in The Witcher. Each one is used to repel a different kind of monster.

Image Name / Description Buy Sell
Talismans Garlic Garlic, a vampire repellent. 600 Items Oren 300 Items Oren
Talismans Rattle Rattle, a giant centipede repellent. 400 Items Oren 80 Items Oren
Talismans Red ribbon Red ribbon, a drowner repellent. 400 Items Oren 80 Items Oren
Talisman Salt Pouch Pouch of salt, a wraith repellent. 600 Items Oren 120 Items Oren

Notes Edit

Quest Items Vodyanoi amulet Quest Items Four-leaf clover

The amulet given to the Lumberjacks by the Vodyanoi and the four-leaf clover given to Mason Harn by the Griggs are also considered "talismans".

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