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Tales from the world of The Witcher (Polish: Opowieści ze świata Wiedźmina) is a Polish collection of short stories written by fantasy writers from Russia and Ukraine and set in the world of famous and favorite WitcherGeralt of Rivia. The collection includes such familiar characters as: Dandelion, Geralt and some well known sorceresses (but it also introduced some new characters). The volume was set to be published in March of 2013 year.

Contents Edit

  • The ballad of the dragon ("Ballada o smoku")
  • One-eyed Orpheus ("Jednooki Orfeusz")
  • Lute, and that's all ("Lutnia, i to wszystko" )
  • The colors of brotherhood ("Barwy braterstwa")
  • Cheerful, innocent and heartless ("Wesoły, niewinny i bez serca")
  • We are always responsible for those who ..." (Zawsze jesteśmy odpowiedzialni za tych, którzy...)
  • The occupants ("Okupanci")
  • Games for real ("Gry na serio")

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External links Edit

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