Taken as a Lass is a secondary quest available in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

This quest can either be encountered first on the eastern coast of Ard Skellig or at Freya's temple on Hindarsfjall.

Walkthrough Edit

If the quest is obtained from the warrior:

While Geralt was traveling around the eastern coasts of Ard Skellig south of Redgill and north of Grotto, he found a warrior battling a couple of pirates at a camp based on a jetty in a small inlet just by a mountain. After the witcher helped the warrior fight off the pirates, he thanked Geralt and told him how he was trying to find his sister who was taken by pirates. He told Geralt that the two pirates they previously fought told him that their captain had set sail for Hindarsfjall with his sister, Kurisu, on board. He further asked that if Geralt came across those pirates or sees his sister that he should tell her to go home to Blandare.

If Geralt gives him his word (50Tw3 icon xp), he must find the pirate ship which can be found lodged between a couple of islets in the waters around Hindarsfjall. The witcher dealt with the ekhidnae guarding the wrecked ship and found the Notes of a pirate which mentioned how Kurisu wanted to be dropped off at Freya's temple instead if she weren't let go.

The witcher went to Freya's temple and found Kurisu talking with one of the priestesses asking her to stay and rest longer before returning home. Geralt told her how her brother was searching for her so Kurisu tells him her story of the night she was taken and how she took advantage of a storm and jumped overboard. Apparently two priestesses of Freya, Astrid and Dalla, found her near dead on the beach and watched over her at the temple. The quest ends as Kurisu thanks Geralt and tells him how she'll make an offering to Freya with her brother once she's back at Blandare (75Tw3 icon xp).

If Geralt encountered Kurisu at Freya's temple before starting the quest:

Geralt will remark how she doesn't look like a priestess so she'll explain to Geralt how she was wounded after escaping a pirate ship and saved by the two priestesses, Astrid and Dalla. She'll tell the witcher that she'll head home to his brother when she's better. Geralt can then go to her brother's camp at eastern Ard Skellig and repeat the encounter from the first paragraph above but he can tell the warrior how she's safe in the care of priestesses. He'll thank the witcher and the quest will end there with just 75Tw3 icon xp.

Location Edit

Location of the warrior:


Objectives Edit

If the quest is obtained from the warrior:

  • Find the pirate ship.
  • Look for Kurisu at Freya's temple.
  • Speak to Kurisu.

If Geralt encountered Kurisu at Freya's temple before starting the quest:

No objectives appear in the journal.

Journal entry Edit

If the quest is obtained from the warrior:

On the coast of Ard Skellig Geralt ran into a young warrior - well, he stopped running before he hit the young man, but I believe you get my drift, dear reader - at any rate, the point of my story was not that he ran up to (not into!) this said warrior, but that the warrior was besieged by pirates at the time. Geralt helped him fight off his attackers and listened (with only a slight amount of witcher impatience) to his story, which was as follows: the man's sister had been kidnapped by pirates (not unlike the ones he had just faced), and he was determined to track her down, even if it meant searching all the isles in the Skellige archipelago. He thanked Geralt for his help in dealing with one of what would surely be many patches of pirate trouble and continued on his path.

If Geralt encountered Kurisu at Freya's temple before starting the quest:

While visiting Freya's temple on the isle of Hindarsfjall Geralt met a woman named Kurisu who told him how she managed to escape the clutches of a band of ruthless pirates who had kidnapped her. Who would have imagined a frame so slender could hold such bravery? Perhaps one day I shall write a ballad about her – "Kurisu, Kurisu, full of courage and daring-do..."

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