Sword of the Dun Banner appears in The Witcher 2 as a magical steel sword. Ekhart Henessy, the wraith in the dwarven catacombs refers to this sword as the "sword of Colonel Gondor". It is in a sarcophagus along with the standard.

To receive the sword you must answer the wraith's questions correctly, by choosing the following dialogue options:

  1. "I served in the Banner."
  2. "You got it wrong."
  3. "Menno Coehoorn."
  4. "Coehoorn is dead."
  5. "Vandergrift and Seltkirk."
    • Iorveth's path: "Biggerhorn took me prisoner." or
    • Roche's path: "I was led out by a priest"

Associated quests Edit