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Suspect: Kalkstein is a sub-quest of Vizima Confidential in Chapter II. It is part of Geralt's investigation into Salamandra.

Walkthrough Edit

Kalkstein is one of the most difficult suspects to clear of suspicion of collaborating with Salamandra. Many clues point to his involvement with the organization. His name is uttered by the Salamandra thug that the City Guard captured when that man is subsequently killed. He hired Berengar, and Berengar disappeared. He is an alchemist and many of the clues have a distinct whiff of alchemy about them. Things look bad for our friend.

It is from Thaler that Geralt learns that Kalkstein had previously hired Berengar. When the witcher asks the alchemist about this arrangement, Kalkstein admits that he had hoped Geralt would not find out about it. He then tells him that Berengar left a book behind and gives him The Book of the Kiss.

Later, however, during the autopsy, Kalkstein can easily wind up as the prime suspect, depending on the direction it takes. If the autopsy results end up implicating anyone other than Azar Javed, Kalkstein ends up as the apparent murderer of the crown witness, and by extension, a member of Salamandra.

Notes Edit

  • Although it is distasteful to implicate a nice guy like Kalkstein, and he does get angry with Geralt and call him a fool, all is forgiven in Chapter III, so do not sweat it too much.
  • To get the most XP possible for this quest, you must clear Kalkstein and tell him so before finding Raymond's body in the crypt.
  • Extra XP: There are 300 XP available for finding 3 clues to Kalkstein's innocence. These clues are also starting conditions for the quest:
    • Before going under, the wounded Salamander uttered Kalkstein's name. (100 XP)
    • I have learned something important. Before he disappeared, Berengar was working for Kalkstein. (100 XP)
    • Tell me more about your magic abilities. Azar often uses the skills of mages. He could probably use someone like you. (100 XP) Note: This clue can be gathered during Anatomy of a Crime quest.

Phases Edit

Suspected Alchemist Edit

There are certain clues indicating that Kalkstein, the alchemist, is somehow connected to Azar Javed. I shall talk to the alchemist, maybe I will find out more about it. I need to question Kalkstein the alchemist.

Lack of Evidence Edit

I decided to give Kalkstein the benefit of the doubt for now. If he is guilty, evidence should surface soon enough. I will reopen the case if I find new evidence.

Guilty / Innocent Edit


Kalkstein is in collusion with Azar, I'm now convinced. I need to confront the alchemist. Kalstein is guilty. I need to pressure him.

Innocent by deduction or proof:

The evidence suggests Kalkstein's innocence. I should speak with him. I'll tell Kalkstein I've found proof of his innocence. (500 XP)

Innnocent / Accused Edit

Found Raymond's body:

told Kalkstein that the evidence I gathered proves him innocent. I earned his gratitude. I am now convinced Kalkstein is not working for Azar. (1500 XP)

Accused Kalkstein:

I told Kalkstein that I was convinced of his involvement in the Salamanders' actions. He hates me now, but he is too obsessed to reject my services. I can keep an eye on him for now and I will get him when the time is right. I should keep an eye on Kalkstein. (2000 XP)

Cleared Kalkstein:

I told Kalkstein that the evidence I gathered proves him innocent. I earned his gratitude. I earned Kalkstein's gratitude and gained a useful piece of information about Azar Javed. (3000 XP)