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Stash chest

Tw3 stash interface

Stash interface

As of Patch 1.07 in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, stashes (storage chests) have been added to the game, enabling better management of loot and overencumbrance. They can be found in select locations of the multi-region open world. As in previous games, stashes allow the player to place items in one "stash" location and retrieve them from another.

Journal entry Edit

You can store weapons, armor and junk in your stash for safekeeping, confident they will not be stolen or otherwise disappear.
You can access your stash in a number of places throughout the world/ Items stored in your stash in one location will be available in all other locations as well.
Stash locations are always visible on the map — look for the Tw3 icon stash icon.

Locations Edit