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Stan Fishgulper, known to the locals simply as "Fisherman", is one of the fistfighters in Velen and lives in the village of Lindenvale. He is encountered during the quest Fists of Fury: Velen and will ask Geralt to take a dive before the fight so he will win the reward of a sack of flour in order to feed his family. Geralt can choose to:

  • Agree, lose the match, then win the rematch to continue the quest
  • Not agreeing and/or not lose the fight

Either situation does not actually award the Witcher with a sack of grain.

Note: For those kind hearted among you, even if you choose not to lose, you will be given the option to give the man 5 Oren3 to feed his family if you speak to Stan at the completion of the fight.

Associated quests Edit

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