Introduction Edit

It often happens that the gamer notices a loud thunder noise that is played each time a savegame is loaded or on loading an area, usually after the start of Chapter III.

As this problem tends to break immersion and cause annoyance to the player ever since it was introduced in patch v1.2, this mod was created to soothe ears and remove the annoyance.

Here you can download an empty version of the culpable wav file so you never get this sound again while using this replacement. Minor side effect is that during actual thunder storms you will not get amb-flash2 being played either, but there are still two other thunder sounds that will play and thus not negatively affect your experience otherwise.

A possible side benefit of this mod is that it may reduce the number of crashes you experience when loading a new area.

Download Link Edit

  • See the Forum thread for the link (it is attached to the original post if this link does not take you directly to the correct post).

Installation Edit

  • To be placed in Data\Override.
  • Create the Override folder if you do not have one yet.