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Journal entry Edit

Believe it or not, folk’re saying there’s a prince cursed into a toad wandering the Oxenfurt sewers. I know, I know, sounds like a fairy tale, but Suze from Hillop swears it’s the gospel truth, and Maryheather’s confirmed it. Both say this prince came from a far-off land to court some countess, but her jealous lover grew furious and, since he was a wizard, turned the prince into a toad. They say if any lass finds the toad and kisses its froggy lips, it’ll turn from a slimy beast back into a handsome prince, and then it’s clear what’ll happen – prince like that’s no village lush, he's sure to be honorable and worthy, and’ll take whoever rescues him for his bride.
So Ronnie, next time you’re in Oxenfurt at market, take a stroll into the sewers, I’m telling you. Who knows, maybe you’ll walk out of them a prince’s betrothed.
Your Friend,

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