Sodden was a former kingdom and is located around the Yaruga river between Cintra, Brugge, and Riverdell. In the aftermath of the Nilfgaardian Wars, Sodden was split between Nilfgaard and the Northern Kingdoms into Upper Sodden and Lower Sodden. However, with the Peace of Cintra, the two halves were recombined into Sodden and it became a vassal state of Temeria.

Heraldry Edit

The coat of arms for Sodden is not actually described in the novels. These particular coats of arms were designed by our resident heraldry and Witcher expert Mboro.

Notes Edit

  • There were two famous battles at Sodden, the second was the Battle of Sodden Hill. Not much is known about the first, other than the fact that it ended in defeat for the North.
  • Sodden is famous for its mead made by the beekeepers, at least according to The Witcher (PC).