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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edit

Skjall is a warrior of Skellige. During one of the main quests, the island on which he resides is attacked by The Wild Hunt. Skjall helps Ciri escape from The Wild Hunt and as a result of this, he is branded as Craven by the elders for abandoning the field of battle. Trying to prove his worth, he tries to slay a beast, but fails in this task and dies.

Later in the game, Geralt & Yennefer trace Ciri's wanderings on Skellige to Skjall. They locate his body, which the villagers refused to bury, and Yennefer reanimates Skjall's corpse in an attempt to learn what happened to Ciri on Skellige. Yennefer insists Skjall's spirit is not here, this is only 'meat' she is interrogating, but Geralt is nonetheless horrified at what he witnesses. Yennefer herself seems shaken by what she's done, though she does her best to hide this from Geralt.

After Geralt is reunited with Ciri, she asks to return to Skellige to find Skjall's body and give him a proper burial so she can honor the young man that gave his life that she might live.

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