Tw comics Skellige Most Wanted

Skellige's Most Wanted is the first of several small and short graphic strips realised by CD Projekt RED written by studio and illustrated by Polapaz-IsisT. It was published on 9 April 2016.

Here's one of the first comics in a series by Polapaz-IsisT made in collaboration with us! [1]

Contributes Edit

  • Polapaz-IsisT (artist from Taiwan)
  • Paweł Burza (Junior Community Specialist from CD Projekt RED) [2]
  • Rafał Jaki (Business Development Manager from CD Projekt RED) [3]

Translations Edit

  • Flag germany Deutsch: Der Meistgesuchte von Skellige
  • Flag uk Flag USA English: Skellige's Most Wanted
  • Flag france French: L'ennemi numéro un de Skellige
  • Flag poland Polish: Najgroźniejszy potwór na Skellige

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References Edit

  1. Official the Witcher facebook post
  2. "Love being part of this project :-)" tweet from Pawel Burza
  3. "This is a new comic strip series that I'm helping to creat :) Enjoy and stay tune for more in the upcoming weeks! tweet from Raffal Jaki