Skalen Burdon is a secondary character in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. He is a dice poker player and arm wrestler. He can be found in Vergen during Chapter II. Saskia describes him as "a gambler, an addict, and perhaps Vergen's top sharp".

For Death Symbolized, Geralt must beat Skalen at poker to retrieve Sabrina's spear.

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Cecil's nephew, the young Skalen Burdon, had been taken in by the alderman after the lad's parents perished in one of the nonhuman massacres that occured in Aedirn. As friendly, hard working and efficient as his uncle, Skalen took it upon himself to act as Vergen's official representative in his uncle's absence, providing all newcomers to the town with any information or assistance they needed.


  • On the Xbox 360 you still only receive a Rusty steel sword.
  • If you lose to him, trying to win off the Iorveth's Spearhead for the quest, he will say that you "Lost like that pal Blaskowitz, who was searching for some old spear of Fate or whatnot". This is an easter egg, a reference to Wolfenstein protagonist, William Blaskowicz.

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