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Tw3 cardart skellige clan heymaey skald

Skalds or Skjalds[1] are musical keepers of lore at least on Skellige Islands and within Kaedwen. Partially bard and partially warrior, these individuals are helping in armies with morale and tend to sing about heroic deed, both from the past and present. These men recount the sagas and the deeds not only of the ancestors, often also composing new sagas out of the feats and exploits of contemporary heroes to add to the collective history of the Islanders.[2]

As they are skilled and powerful warriors also, many warleaders, those from Clan an Hindar mostly,[3] find it prudent to have a skald among soldiers. As for instruments, favourite are likely bagpipes while lute is on second place.

Notable skalds Edit

Tw3 Skalds of Kaer Trolde

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edit

Notes & references Edit

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