Siren's Call is a secondary quest available on Skellige during The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It does not appear in the quest log.

Walkthrough Edit

East of Arinbjorn in the road leaving northwest of Sund towards the islet of Eldberg, Geralt encounters a couple of sirens attacking a shepherd and his flock of sheep. After saving the man, he will remark that he was doing well. Geralt can then either commend his archery skills or ask where the sirens came from. The shepherd will answer that he learned to shoot because of the sirens coming from Undvik. The quest will end with 50 Tw3 icon xp as the shepherd mentions going back to see his brother.

Journal entry Edit

This quest does not have journal entry.

Location of shepherd Edit

Location of Quest Giver (Siren's Call)

Objectives Edit

This quest has no journal objectives.

Trivia Edit

  • Later in Arinbjorn, Geralt can overhear islanders worrying about the shepherd not returning.
  • A few days later, the shepherd will have reunited with his brother in Arinbjorn. Approaching the exit of the village, he and his shepherd brother will be there waiting and will thank Geralt again for the help.