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Bestiary entry Edit

You want a fine pair of boots, you say? Bring me the hide of a silver basilisk, and I'll make you boots the whole world will envy.
- Anatole Vizholy, shoemaker from Beauclair
Geralt always liked looking at things that don't exist. Be it a vampire with a human heart of the last basilisk of a species that no scholar has classified, discovering something thought not to be there to be discovered caused him great pleasure. That is why he took an interest in a contract which, at first glance, seemed banal, but proved to be very intriguing. It concerned the last basilisk of the nearly-extinct species Regulus Platinum.
In the end, Geralt decided not to kill the basilisk, for who in his right mind would raise his sword against a living legend?

Associated quests Edit

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Combat tactics Edit

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