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There are four "special" rings to be found in The Witcher. Known as signet rings, they are used to gain extra privileges or access to certain previously inaccessible areas. When you are given such a ring,

  • Drag and drop the signet ring into one of the highlighted ring slots to activate the signet potential gameplay dialogue. If you are not wearing your signet ring, it does you no good.

When confronted with an opportunity to use a signet ring in the course of a conversation, and provided of course that you have the necessary ring,

  • Left-click the signet icon in conversation to present the ring.

List of signet rings Edit

Rings City guard ring City Guard signet ring, a simple gold signet ring.
Rings Prophet Lebiodas signet Prophet Lebioda's signet ring, an ornate gold signet ring with a black stone.
Rings Eternal fire signet Eternal Fire signet ring, a gold signet ring with oval red stone.
Rings House of the Night signet House of the Night signet ring, a large gold signet ring with square fuchsia stone.

There are four other rings found in the game which also bear the description of "signet ring" but offer no special privileges. These are shown below:

Rings Gold ruby signet Gold ruby signet ring, a heavy gold ring with a round, red stone.
Rings Gold signet Gold signet ring, a very ornately decorated gold ring with no stone.
Rings Silver ruby signet Silver ruby signet ring, a heavy silver ring with a round, orange stone.
Rings Silver signet Silver signet ring, a delicately wrought silver ring with a large turquoise stone.