Tw2 siege tower
Reinforced Siege Tower

Siege tower or breaching tower is a specialized Northern siege weapon, constructed to protect assailants and ladders while approaching the defensive walls of a fortification.

The tower was often rectangular with four wheels with its height roughly equal to that of the wall or sometimes higher to allow archers to stand on top of the tower and shoot into the fortification. Some prototype is also equipped with a Battering ram.

We can see temerian type during siege of La Valette.

Behind the scenes Edit

The siege has gone on for some time now, and the Temerian army is preparing for the final attack. Geralt reaches the castle walls using a huge siege tower. Its sketches are found on the illustrations nearby. The wooden roof protects the crew pushing the construct toward the fortress, and a system of levers worthy of Leonardo da Vinci allows the soldiers on upper floors to propel it.

We wanted to create a believable way of putting a machine this huge in motion. Our technical solutions such as capstans inside the tower were inspired, among other things, by the attempts to reconstruct the appearance of the gigantic siege tower used in the Siege of Rhodes in 305 BCE. [1]

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