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Unofficial Quests Edit

Icon Name Needed for
Rings Silver
Ring A ring for Celina for a rendezvous (She implies it must be expensive, but a silver ring seems to be sufficient though).
Potion White Honey
White Honey White Honey for the baker. He gives Geralt a sugardoll.
Food Sugardoll
Sugardoll A sugardoll for woman in village for a rendezvous.
Potion Perfume
Perfume A bottle of perfume for woman in village. I do not think Geralt ever finds a bottle of perfume, he must brew it himself.
Food Wyvern Meat
Meat Wyvern steaks (or any other kind of meat) for starving elves. In return, they provide some herbal lore, but usually by this point in the game, it is redundant.
Clothing Silk Scarf
Shawl "Shawl" for the Old peasant woman that wants it for her daughter's wedding. In return, she gives Geralt the White Honey Recipe she stole from the baker. It is likely redundant at this point in the game. Even if you do not give her a shawl, speak to her again to get the recipe for Willow.
Food Chicken
Any food item One Old peasant woman in the village will tell Geralt about Alps in exchange for something to eat.
Food Candy
Sweets One Old peasant woman in the village will tell Geralt about Verbena in exchange for "something sweet." Candy works.

Official Quests Edit

Icon Name Needed for
Food Bread
Bread Daily Bread. Five loaves of bread for the elves (or four, if you are stingy).
Food Dried Fruit and Nuts
Dagon tribute Ripples. Dried nuts to lure the cow to the altar or the gold bracelet from vodyanoi and the alabaster statuette from the villagers (Julian).
Substances Shimmering dust
Substances Shadow dust
Dust Temptation. Nine (9) shimmering dust (if you complete the quest for the blacksmith's wife) or 9 shadow dust (if you side with the blacksmith).
Substances Alp fangs
Alp Fangs The Alp Contract. Five (5) alp fangs for the village chief.
Items Basilisk hide
Basilisk hide The Basilisk Contract. Three (3) basilisk hides for Julian.
Substances Devourer teeth
Devourer teeth The Devourer Contract. Ten (10) devourer teeth for Abigail (or a generic healer if you did not save her in Chapter I).
Items Chitinous carapace
Centipede armor The Giant Centipede Contract. Four (4) centipede carapaces for the elven handyman.
Food Wyvern Egg
Wyvern eggs The Royal Wyvern Contract. The innkeeper wants 3 wyvern eggs.

Preparation for Quests in Later Chapters Edit

Icon Name Needed for
Substances Devourer teeth
Devourer tooth Keep a devourer tooth for the dentist in Chapter V. You will not encounter devourers after this act.
Substances Garkain saliva
Garkain saliva Keep the garkain saliva for Kalkstein in Chapter V. I believe that you encounter a garkain for the first time in the crypt in the fields as you are searching for the Griggs' santon.
Quest Items Armor fragment1
Piece of armor Needed for the quest 'Armor'. This piece of armour is found in a sarcophagus in the crypt at the lakeside in Murky Waters. It is one of the pieces used to recreate Raven's armour.
Books Generic wolf motif
Vampires: Facts and Myths Entry for bruxa blood needed for the quest The Bruxa Contract. The entry is not available in chapter V, so get it while you can.