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Temple Quarter of Vizima

Unofficial Quests Edit

Icon Name Needed for
Clothing Red Gloves
Precious stones diamond
Red gloves or a Diamond Red gloves or a diamond for a rendezvous with the Gossip. The conversation thread says "Some sort of frock" but the gloves do the trick (it may take many tries to get that particular conversation thread). Red gloves can be found in St. Lebioda's Hospital, in the laundry basket in the north-east corner of the main hall. There is also usually dog tallow in the dresser on the north side of the wall in the "altar room'.
Food Chicken
Food Some food item (any kind) to get information from the Gardener about his mercenary days. It is also possible to request flowers instead of a story.
Clothing Red Shawl
Red shawl Shawl for the herbalist in the market. She tells Geralt that she gathers her herbs by moonlight in the swamp.
Flowers Red Rose
Red roses Red roses for Shani to thank her (or perhaps apologise) for the party. This is how Geralt finds out what Dandelion interrupted in Oxenfurt.
Alcohol Kaedwenian Stout
Beer Nine (9) beers (and some Wives' Tears, unless you like staggering around!) for the drinking contest with Thaler. He gives Geralt a book (which can not be sold, unlike all other non-quest books, but has its uses).
Alcohol Kaedwenian Stout
Beer Five (5) beers (and some Wives' Tears) for the drinking contest with messenger to find out who his employer is.
Alcohol Kaedwenian Stout
Beer Seven (7) beers for the drinking contest with Yamo Ryeboozer, the boozer at The Hairy Bear. He gives Geralt the recipe for Wives' Tears (Only if Geralt did not participate in the drinking contest with the drunkard in Chapter I).
Clothing Shawl
Gold gloves Gold gloves (optional) for getting past Grandma to see Shani (Geralt can just talk his way around her eventually, or bribe her).
Items Wolf pelt
Wolf pelt Wolf pelt for a rendezvous with Morenn the dryad so she can show you where little dryads come from.
Substances Feainnewedd
Feainnewedd A single feainnewedd flower for the Scoia'tael woman (she is dressed as a huntress) in the camp in the swamp.
Runes Sun
Sun rune The sun rune bought from the fence can be used to forge the only rune sword in Chapter III.

Official Quests Edit

Icon Name Needed for
Alcohol Mahakaman Mead
Dwarven liquor Anatomy of a Crime. The Gravedigger needs some alcohol (he specifies dwarven liquor, but anything strong seems to work) before he will release the body of the crown witness for an autopsy.
Substances Beggartick blossom
Beggartick Flowers and Gold. Five (5) beggartick blossoms for the ferryman.
Potion Fisstech
Fisstech Memory of a Blade. Fisstech for Jethro to find out about the witcher's silver sword that was found at Thaler's place.
Substances Celandine
Celandine Old Friend of Mine. Five (5) celandine for Shani at St. Lebioda's Hospital. Shani thanks him and if Geralt asks her for a monster anatomy lesson, sometimes a useful bestiary entry is acquired, depending on what books he has read at that point and lore he has acquired.
Books Grandmas diary small
Alcohol Grandmas Cordial
Quest Items Grandmas pickles
Grandma's things Old Friend of Mine. Grandma's diary (if Geralt brings Carmen) or Grandma's cordial (if Geralt brings Siegfried) or Grandma's pickles and lard (if Geralt brings Zoltan). Pick these up the first time you go to Shani's, well before the party so they are ready to go and you do not have to stumble around drunk to get them (unless you like stumbling around drunk... after all, it does slow things down).
Alcohol Temerian Rye
Alcohol Cherry Cordial Spirit
Alcohol Mettina Rose
Party supplies Old Friend of Mine. Temerian rye, rosé wine and cherry cordial for Shani's party.
Potion Fisstech
Fisstech The Crown Witness. Fisstech for Jethro to find out what happened to the witness.
Base Dog Tallow
Dog tallow The Dogcatcher of Vizima. Six (6) pots of dog tallow for the gravedigger. Dog tallow can be relatively reliably found around town, or Geralt can kill poor, innocent dogs under cover of night.
Substances Drowned deads tongue
Drowned dead tongues The Drowned Dead Contract. Ten (10) drowned dead's tongues for Siegfried.
Substances Echinops rootstock
Echinops rootstock The Echinops Contract. Three (3) Echinops rootstocks for the Gardener at St. Lebioda's Hospital.
Items Wolf pelt
Wolf pelt The Wolf Contract. Ten (10) wolf pelts for Jean-Pierre the bounty hunter in the Swamp.
Quest Items Salamander badge
Salamander badges Wanted. Three (3) Salamander badges for Declan Leuvaarden.

Preparation for Quests in Later Chapters Edit

Icon Name Needed for
Substances Cockatrice feather
Cockatrice feather Keep the cockatrice feather from the greater cockatrice in the sewers for The Cockatrice Contract in Chapter III.
Alcohol Sodden Mead
Sodden mead Or any medium or strong alcohol for the drinking contest with Erkin von Blunt in Chapter III, you will need Five (5). Check the trunk at the back of Ramsmeat's house for a bottle of sodden mead. Also, there is a lumberjack in the swamp who is willing to sell Geralt his possessions, which also include a bottle of sodden mead, a red meteorite (I am not sure about this one, whether or not he hands over the meteorite may depend on how many red meteorite pieces Geralt has already found) and a silver ring, for 200 Items Oren. If Geralt does not yet have the Wives' Tears formula, this is also given.
Precious stones sapphire
Sapphire It is possible that if Geralt chose not to fight Savolla in the Prologue, that there is a sapphire in the chest at the back of Ramsmeat's house (the same chest that has the bottle of sodden mead). I am not sure if the two events are definitely related, but if so, keep that sapphire for Blue Eyes in Chapter III.
Items Fleder fang
Fleder fangs Fleders sometimes appear outside of The Hairy Bear at night or inside the cemetery crypt. Keep three fleder fangs for The Fleder Contract in Chapter III.
Food Wyvern Meat
Wyvern steaks Keep any wyvern steaks you may harvest from Wyvern Island for use in Chapters III and IV.
Substances Graveir bone
Graveir bones You can find graveirs in the crypt for Finders Keepers or in the Vizima cemetery. Keep five of them for The Graveir Contract in Chapter III.