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This is a DIY (do-it-yourself) mini-mod.

The sell rates are governed by the



You will need to edit this file. Before you do, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the 2DA format article under the file formats category.

Open up shoptypes.2da in the editor of your choice (this is a small file, so I recommend Notepad). Take a look at these lines:

0    Default             1          0.2
1    Unavailable         0          0
2    VeryAdverse         1.0        0.01
3    Adverse             1.0        0.1
4    Advantageous        1.0        0.5
5    VeryAdvantageous    1.0        1.0
6    BuyOnlyDefault      1.0        0

You can adjust the shop sell rates (in the SellMult column) any way you like — let us increase them a bit for now — so we can sell stuff for more. After you are done, the lines should look like this:

0    Default             1          0.5
1    Unavailable         0          0
2    VeryAdverse         1.0        0.1
3    Adverse             1.0        0.2
4    Advantageous        1.0        0.75
5    VeryAdvantageous    1.0        1.1
6    BuyOnlyDefault      1.0        0

Save the file with the same name and put it in the \DATA\OVERRIDE directory.

There is no need to start a new game; just load a saved game and enjoy your mini-mod.

See how it feels and experiment with new values as you like. Consider combining with the Shop buy rate mod.

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