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Shock Therapy is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that can be started by talking to some druids in Ard Skellig.

Quest Description Edit

"Though druids have gained fame worldwide as outstanding healers, even with all their spells and elixirs they at times prove powerless against diseases. Such was the case with Egill – a druid who had lost his voice. His friend decided that, since traditional methods had failed, it was time to try newer, more innovative approaches. It fell to Geralt to test them."
- Quest Notes (The Witcher 3)

Walkthrough Edit

East from the sacred oak, Gedyneith, near a small entrance to a cave, you will run into a druid. He’s concerned for his friend Egill, who refuses to speak to anyone. If you can coax Egill into speaking again, the druid promises to give you an excellent Gwent card.

You will find Egill down the road, sitting by his campfire in the forest. He will not be interested in talking to you, even after exhausting the two dialogue options, so you’ll have to scare him.

In order to scare him, you must try three methods:

  • Use Aard to extinguish Egill's fire (after which he gives Geralt a pleasant response in sign language)
  • Use Aard to make a nearby rack of pots and pans clatter while Egill is asleep (behind a nearby bush)
  • Use Aard to disturb a nearby bee's nest, which leads to Egill being swarmed by bees

After exhausting these options, Egill will snap out of his self-imposed silence, and angrily explain to Geralt that he has kept his vow of silence for two years until now.

Return to the druid's cave and speak to the druid who sent you on the quest. Turns out the other druids knew this, and only sent Geralt to get a laugh out of forcing Egill to break his vow. However, as promised, the druid gives you the reward (Gwent Card: Iorveth).

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