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The Shaelmaar (Polish: Szarlej) is a monster first featured in Blood and Wine, the second expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Bestiary entry Edit

The earth’s innards are home to mighty strange and fearsome beasts. Were they ever to decide to ramble up to the surface, we’d all be gutted the very first day o’ the invasion.

– Ramus Vendenratz, Mahakam foreman.

Shaelmaars spend most of their lives deep underground, having no contact with the world up above. At times, however, a shaelmaar will dig its way to the surface and devour any men within its reach. Some shaelmaars also burrow tunnels close to the surface, collapsing buildings and causing tremors in the process.
Since shaelmaars are blind, they find their way by sensing vibrations and listening for sounds. Thus the best tactic when fighting such a monster is to hurl something heavy or noisy against a nearby boulder or wall. Then pray silently that the beast will roll towards the sound and knock itself out upon striking into the obstacle.

Combat Tactics Edit

Tw3 fighting Shaelmaar normal

First representant found during “The Beast of Toussaint” in the arena. Try not to let your ally Palmerin be defeated. As Shaelmaar is Relict category beast, usage of relict oil will help to deal more damage, especially after Shaelmaar’s rolling charge. Dodge and attack while the creature is stunned. Prepare Samum bombs and use Aard to attract the beast to the walls. Quen helps protect Geralt, but a single hit can remove the protection.

Axii will momentarily stun Shaelmaar, but it can’t be hurt in this state. Wait around the exterior edge of the arena and wait for Shaelmaar to use its armored charge attack. Bait the attack by staying far away from Shaelmaar, and wait near the walls so you can begin attacking immediately after it collides after a successful roll-dodge. After losing 2 / 3rds of its health, back-off and wait for the creature to complete its stone AOE attack.

Trivia Edit

  • In Hearts of Stone, after completing Avid Collector, Geralt is rewarded with Conserved shaelmaar trophy.
  • Shaelmaar was supposed to appear in the base game during its development in 2013 - 2014 but was removed during development. [1]
  • The szarlej, also known as skarbnik/skarbownik or śrebnik (depending on the region), is the name of a spirit from Slavic mythology, known from ethnic Polish mining areas (e.g. Silesia). It is said to appear mostly underground, especially in mines, guarding the natural resources of the earth and its treasures. Its appearance usually resembled that of an elderly man with a long grey beard, who wore simple clothing. However, it could also take the form of a mouse, a black dog, a black cat, a goat or other creatures.


Videos Edit

Arena Monstrosity - The Witcher 3 DEATH MARCH! Part 138 - Let's Play Hard43:03

Arena Monstrosity - The Witcher 3 DEATH MARCH! Part 138 - Let's Play Hard

Defeating the Shaelmaar on Death March!

Notes & references Edit

  1. Leaked CD Projekt Red material from 2014

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