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Nearly made it... Just think! The Wild Hunt... We could've freed the world of the omen of war...
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— Serrit

Serrit is a witcher, one of the kingslayers, and a secondary character in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Geralt encounters him for the first time during an assassination attempt on Henselt in the Kaedweni camp. Later, the witcher finds him, near death, in the Kingslayers' hideout.

Events prior to The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Edit


Serrit and the other witcher were on the Hunt's trail

Serrit was a member of the witcher party heading south in the chase of the Wild Hunt. The chase came to an end on the winter solstice in 1270 at Midinvaerne during an event that would come to be known has the night of magic.

A wraith cannot be killed, only driven away. Every witcher knows that. Yet the riders fell under the strikes of the witchers' blades; the battle at the Hanged Man's Tree came to a stalemate when the witchers realized that they couldn't kill them all, they were simply too many.

After Geralt sacrificed himself for Yennefer the witchers were free to go and brought the sorceress with them; they knew she wouldn't survive in her conditions and the least they could do after Geralt so nobly sacrificed himself for her was to look after her until she recovered.

The decision proved rather counterproductive for the witchers since the woman turned to be quite the character, trying to seduce Auckes to drive a wedge in the group and getting into trouble everywhere they went.

Regardless the witchers and the sorceress wandered through the imperial provinces, until one day they got captured by the imperial secret police. They were questioned separately with no incident.

After the emperor made Letho an offer to assassinate the Northern Kings, he recruited his companions in the endeavor of assassinating the northern monarchs.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Edit

Serrit and his brother were tasked with the assassination of the king of Kaedwen. Together they made their way through the Kaedweni lands; they set their outpost in a network of caves situated near the Kaedweni camp. They spend days waiting, laying traps in the caves, killing harpies in the outskirts of the cave, waiting for the moment to strike.

The day of the assassination came and Serrit met with Letho in their hideout; after discussing their next move, the brothers set out to slay the king. While making their way towards the camp Serrit explained to his brother the events that were to go down in Loc Muinne.

After infiltrating the Kaedweni camp, Serrit secured the palisade while his brother took care of the ground floor. The witchers met by the cave entrance and once there they killed the knights protecting the king. When they thought the tough part was over, Geralt came out of the king's tend and started fighting them. The witchers were forced to fight their old friend in a battle that caused Auckes' death, but Serrit managed to escape back to the hideout.


Serrit's corpse

Alas it was to no avail, for Síle tracked him down to deliver him a painful death.Geralt who was on the kingslayer's trail managed to find him still alive, but dying. With his dying breath Serrit confirmed Geralt's suspicions about Síle's involvement and offered an apology for leaving him behind at the Hanged Man's Tree, after that he, started to think of how close they got to vanquishing the Wild Hunt and freeing the world from the omen of war.

The witcher succumbed to his wound shortly after, but at least it was in the company of an old friend.

Journal EntryEdit

Sometimes a person's name sinks into memory and brings fear to one's heart at its first mention. Who was the mysterious Serrit? What goals drove him and what role would he play? Geralt had yet to learn all of this.
If Geralt chooses Roche's path during the end of chapter I:
The vision of Auckes' memories lifted the veil of secrecy surrounding the other kingslayer. Serrit had also been acting on Letho's orders, and all three had been behind the deaths of Foltest and Demavend, as well as the attempt on Henselt. Serrit could certainly answer more questions, and Geralt knew where to find him.
Unfortunately, Síle found the assassin first. With his dying words, however, he confirmed de Tansarville's complicity in their conspiracy, as well as the fact that he knew Geralt. Serrit died before saying anything more, leaving the mystery unsolved.
If Geralt chooses Iorveth's path during the end of chapter I:
Serrit was probably one of the witchers Roche had mentioned. He and Auckes trying to cover Letho's escape when Síle located their hideout. Though both died in the end, they completed the task, buying the last kingslayer time to flee.

Personality Edit

Serrit unlike his brother, was a lot more hot headed, complaining about the lack of action they had in the past days and he was anxious to assassinate Henselt claiming it would be an easy target due to his recklessness. He didn't seem to troubled about the fact that the king also had a sorcerer and a witcher in his retinue. Pragmatic as his brother, he cared little about the life of Merigold and Síle and advised that they should be killed to prevent them from revealing their plan.

He seemed to held Geralt in high regard thinking of him as an skilled fighter, a friend and a man who could teach him about life in general, this is reflected in the Notes of the kingslayer named Serrit.

Trivia Edit

  • Strangely enough, him & Auckes are completely incapable of casting Signs on battle, even when the player can briefly control Auckes. The fighting style of Serrit centers on the use of two steel swords of elven origin, something not very proper of a true Witcher.
  • Serrit shares his brother's love for bear traps!


Kingslayers Serrit and Auckes (The Witcher 2) Full HD14:55

Kingslayers Serrit and Auckes (The Witcher 2) Full HD


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