The Sephirot form a group of ten artifacts which resemble stones or amulets. Each one of which stands for a different attribute. The singular form is sephirah.

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Sephirot — Kalkstein, the alchemist, describes them to Geralt thusly:

Alchemy contends there are ten elements of the Tree of Life — aspects of divinity we are capable of knowing. [...] the Sephirot are the Words of Creation carved as symbols into ten stones. The channels connecting them are the branches of the Tree of Life. There are ten Sephirot, divine Words of Creation: Keth'aar — Crown, Chocc'mah — Wisdom, Veen'ah — Understanding, Kezath — Love, Ghe'vrath — Power, Tipperath — Compassion, Neh'tza — Victory, 'Oth — Glory, Yesath — Foundation and Maal'kad — Kingdom.

A Mysterious Tower and Monoliths, story quests in Chapter II, demand the collection of all these artifacts. In order for the game to progress, they need to be placed inside certain ancient obelisks in the Swamp.

Quest Items Sephirot Choccmah Chocc'mah A Sephirah symbolizing Wisdom. Monolith
Quest Items Sephirot Ghevrath Ghe'vrath A Sephirah symbolizing Judgement, Strength and Severity.
Quest Items Sephirot Kethaar Keth'aar A Sephirah symbolizing Crown.
Quest Items Sephirot Kezath Kezath A Sephirah symbolizing Mercy, Love and Grace.
Quest Items Sephirot Maalkad Maal'kad A Sephirah symbolizing the Kingdom.
Quest Items Sephirot Nehtza Neh'tza A Sephirah symbolizing Endurance and Victory.
Quest Items Sephirot Oth 'Oth A Sephirah symbolizing Majesty and Glory.
Quest Items Sephirot Tipperath Tipperath A Sephirah symbolizing Compassion and Beauty.
Quest Items Sephirot Veenah Veen'ah A Sephirah symbolizing Understanding.
Quest Items Sephirot Yesath Y'esath A Sephirah symbolizing the Fundament.

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  • For a list of where to find the sephirot, see Kalkstein's notes.
  • The Wikipedia article "Sephirot" offers further reading about this Kabbalistic idea.
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