Joachim[1] Schwann is the tax collector in Novigrad. He is described as officious, fat and myopic, not to mention quite zealous about his duties. Geralt meets him during a scuffle with the local guards involving Dainty and Dudu in the short story "Wieczny ogień" ("The Eternal Fire").

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edit

During the events of third game, in time of another war with Nilfgaardian Empire, it appears that he left the world of livings and with Eternal Fire in his heart, died [1].

Journal entry Edit

Honorable Townsdwellers! I deeply regret to inform you about the untimely death of Joachim Schwann, a tax-collector who had served our fair city for many years. The ceremonial cremation of his remains will take place at the end of the current month.

- The City Council of the Free City of Novigrad

References Edit

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