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Wolf front
Introduced as a DLC for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Wolf School Gear was introduced into the game. As with normal Scavenger Hunts, there are purchasable maps that reveal the starting location for each of the treasure hunts. One can purchase these maps from the merchants shown below.

Additionally, you need to have unlocked both Skellige and Kaer Morhen before you can claim any of the Wolven diagrams. The recommended starting level is 14 for the base gear but there are very few enemies throughout this entire scavenger hunt; much less than compared to Cat or Bear school

Where to buy the Treasure Maps (optional) Edit

The Treasure maps are optional as one can find the diagrams without the maps as well. The merchants that sell the maps:

Note: Because merchants tend to disappear at the end of the game, those who completed the story have two choices: either go straight for the diagrams using the guide below OR reload an older save, buy the maps and mark the locations for the treasure hunts first. Lower level players who haven't completed the main story will have no problem finding the merchants and buying the maps so long as they've unlocked Novigrad and Skellige.


Enhanced Wolf School Gear:
- Enhanced Wolven boots diagram

This one can be found at the coast east of Marauders' Bridge, following the path marked on the map that leads east towards Grotto (Velen). It's completely safe to enter the grotto as on this level there are no enemies to attack you. Take the left tunnel inside the cave and you'll find a chest with the diagram on your right once you hit a small cavern.

- Enhanced Wolven armor diagram

Found on an isle straight east from Byways, SW of Fyke Isle and NNW of Frischlow. On the isle, guarded by a couple of Drowners, you can find a note directing you to dive into the submerged ruins to your east. In one of the underwater chests you'll find the diagram.