Tw3 Sawmill WO

Sawmill, located in western White Orchard, is providing wood for the whole region. When Geralt first reach this location it was abandoned and filled with alghouls and ghouls, but as soon as he massacre them, people began to return and bring the place back to life.

Tw3 Sawmill White Orchard

Aside from being a place for cutting wood, it also has a house with a broken roof, a pen with no livestock, a well that has a beehive, and one grindstone. To the north lies the garrison, nearby east lies Tomira's hut, south lies a small Nilfgaardian camp, and southwest the road to Vizima.

Map description Edit

White Orchard is famous not only for its premium fruit, but also for the top-quality, furniture-grade lumber harvested from the Vulpine woods.