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When starting a new game of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, you can import a saved game from The Witcher by selecting "New Game" then "Import Witcher 1 Save" from the main menu. In order to be used, the saved game files should be in their original location (most likely C:\Users\[username]\Documents\The Witcher\saves in Windows systems, or ~/.local/share/cdprojektred/witcher2/GameDocuments/Witcher 2/gamesaves in SteamOS/Linux systems) and have been created during the Ice Plains or Order of the Flaming Rose Cloister portions of the Epilogue. 

Note for Non-English versions
For owners with non-English (eg.:Hungarian) language settings. Before importing, create a new save file in the Ice Plains or the Order of the Flaming Rose Cloister levels using English language settings.

Several choices, items and some money is transferred to the sequel and is accessible at the start of the game.

Some of these items include:

  • Other Items
    • Raven's armor
    • A small percentage of your orens (about 1% of your saved game from the original game added to the standard ~ 150 orens of a fresh game).

Some of the choices:

  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
    • Kill or save Thaler during All the King's Men (you will receive a message and a package from Thaler in Flotsam if you saved Thaler – this is default game behaviour)
    • Romance with Shani (a journal entry based on why Geralt parted ways with Shani was added with the Enhanced Edition.)
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5
    • Kill or save Princess Adda during Her Highness the Striga (her fate is mentioned by Foltest during the Prologue and later by other characters, as well as in a journal entry, and it may have a minor impact on the status of Temeria at the end of the game)
    • Kill or spare Siegfried (Neutral/Scoia'tael paths only: Geralt is either attacked by the fellow knight or left alone by the order)
  • Epilogue (final path):
    • Order path:
      • Fewer issues with the Order in the third chapter.
      • Geralt may meet Siegfried and Polycarp.
    • Neutral/Witcher path:
      • Iorveth's path: you cannot get through the front door in Loc Muinne.
      • Roche's path: you have to kill an angry knight in the second chapter.
    • Scoia'tael path:
      • Some dialogue changes with Iorveth.

Drafts from the web Edit

There is a priest in Vergen, who will either curse you as a greedy witcher for sparing the horrible monster that murdered so many good people, or prostrate himself in front of you thanking you for saving them, depending on whether or not you killed the striga

Possible bugs Edit

  • The book titled "The Temerian Royal Dynasty" tells the tale of how the Witcher slew Princess Adda, even if the player spared her in the first game.
Significant plot details end here.

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