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Saovine or Samhain[1] is a holiday of the elven calendar celebrated at the end of October and beginning of November by both humans as well as elves. It marks the beginning of the new year, and the first savaed, with which it shares the name.

People have taken a habit to burn a figure representing Falka, a famous rebel, on a bonfire during the Saovine.

It's considered bad luck to play an instrument or enter a graveyard during the time between Saovine and Imbolc. It's also believed that a child born during the time between the two holidays will become a striga.

Trivia Edit

  • Banshees appear on Saovine night, crying for those who will die during the following year.
  • In the real world, this holiday corresponds with Samhain.

Magical HolidaysEdit

Notes & references Edit

  1. David French's translation

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