Saovine or Samhain[1] is a holiday of the elven calendar celebrated at the end of October and beginning of November by both humans as well as elves. It marks the beginning of the new year, and the first savaed, with which it shares the name.

People have taken a habit to burn a figure representing Falka, a famous rebel, on a bonfire during the Saovine.

It's considered bad luck to play an instrument or enter a graveyard during the time between Saovine and Imbolc. It's also believed that a child born during the time between the two holidays will become a striga.

Saovine in ToussaintEdit

Elven tradition holds on Saovine's eve the dead crawl out of their graves and demand food. The Toussaintois do not believe in such superstitions - yet on the year 1217, they were about to see the legends contain a gain of truth...

Ever tasted any wine of Toussaint? Then you know there're no finer beverages in all the world. Drinking them, however, comes at a significant risk, and I do not mean mere hangovers! Allow me to explain... Vampires are particularly fond of the blood of men who have quaffed Est Est or Erveluce, absorbing their exquisite flavors, aromas... that first note of citrus, that black currant finish, mmm... At any rate, during one year's celebrations of the grape harvest, the inhabitants of a certain village near Beauclair named Fox Hollow learned the dangers of their libations the hard way...

If not for a witcher - who happened to be in Toussaint at the time through a fortunate series of events - vampires might have slaughtered the whole village, leaving behind only desiccated corpses sucked dry of their last drop of blood. Though that danger had passed, Vesemir knew his victory was only temporary. The vampires would strike again once they healed their wounds. The villagers thus needed to strike while the iron was hot, finish the beasts off for good. Vesemir and Germain, the leader of the local militia, commanded the peasants to grab their pitchforks and led them towards the notorious castle of Tesham Mutna, the gates of which were closed tight...

The villagers manage to bring down the gate and force their way into the castle. Yet they found they were now on their own. Without the witcher, what chance of victory did they stand? Only the slightest... especially as a higher vampire in thrall to bloodlust led the beasts. The terrified peasants caught the creature’s name as screamed by his bruxae minions - Emiel Regis Rohellec Terzieff-Godefroy!

As the saying goes, drinking can be hazardous to your health. Regis learned the truth of it in a very painful manner. At first, it seemed nothing could hold him back... but then he drank and drank, seemingly oblivious to the intoxicating effects of alcohol-infused blood. At last he fell to the ground in a stupor. The peasants pounced upon him, chopped him into bits and buried these as deep as they could. Of course, this hardly sufficed to kill the higher vampire... but was more than enough to convince Regis to give up drinking altogether.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • Banshees appear on Saovine night, crying for those who will die during the following year.
  • In the real world, this holiday corresponds with Samhain.

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References Edit

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