The Santa Witcher mod consists of two mods: Base Mod, Helper Mod and optional files.

Base ModEdit

The base mod is for Geralt, using Dark Mode Chapter 3 armour and weapons.
This installs the texture files, which mods the Dark Mode set (Kinslayer clothes, Weeper and Mourner swords), and the Nekker Trophy.


  • Unzip the file into your CookedPCdirectory. You will have one new file – CookedPC/MOD_SantaWitch.dzip
  • In the game, use the Nekker Trophy for the complete set.

Uninstall: Delete the file MOD_SantaWitch.dzip from your CookedPC directory

Relevant hintsEdit

  • Potential conflicts with other mods: This may conflict with other mods that change the appearance of the Dark Mode 3 set (such as the Hoodless Kinslayer). It is recommendable to uninstall such mods while using the Santa mod.
  • Unintended Side-effects: The mod changes the appearance of a belt that is also used by other armour. You may therefore get the Santa effect on these belts while playing.

Helper ModEdit

The Helper mod is a texture set for Roche and Iorveth. It installs the texture files for Roche and Iorveth.


  • Unzip the file into your CookedPC directory. You will have one new file – CookedPC/MOD_SantaHelper.dzip

Uninstall: Delete the file MOD_SantaHelper.dzip from your CookedPC directory

Relevant hintEdit

  • Potential conflicts with other mods: Will conflict only with mods that change the appearance/clothing of Iorveth and/or Roche

Optional FilesEdit

The final optional mod allows you to apply the SantaWitcher mod to other armour and weapons. This allows you to use the effect on other armour and swords. The mod comes with the effect applied to one set, and there are instructions in the readme for putting it onto any other armour/swords except for the DLC starter pack.
The files provided put the effect onto:


  • Install the Base Mod as described above.
  • Unzip the Optional files into your CookedPC directory. It will create the following files:

Relevant hintEdit

  • If you are warned that any of these files already exist, do NOT overwrite. See readme for details on how to handle conflicts.
  • Potential conflicts with other mods:

This will conflict with any mod that changes the appearance of any armour or sword in the game, and with any other mod that uses these files. Either reinstall the other mod(s) after you uninstall this one, or follow the instructions in the readme to allow co-existence.
Uninstall: Delete the six files listed above (or revert to your backup), and delete the base mod.