Denis Gordeev Ihuarraquax sand monster

Sand monsters is the unofficial name for the venomous beasts which are known to live in the Korath desert.

They have squat cylindrical trunks, covered with dirty grey bristles and have nasty hooks with which to grab their prey. Their manner of hunting is antlion-like, burrowing into the sand and creating sinkholes for the unwary. As the unwitting creature falls into the trap, the monster then sucks their victims dry of any moisture, be it blood or water.

Despite being extremely dangerous if one should fall into their traps, sand monsters do have one weakness: they can't burrow where the ground is too solid, like rocky terrain. However, as long as there's sand around them, they can easily move underground in it, allowing them to move towards a target if that target should be standing on sand.

Ciri killed one of these beasts when it attacked a unicorn with whom she was traveling with.