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Tw3 San Sebastian 2

Lower Town, alternatively known as the San Sebastian after its founder, of Beauclair is a district located southeast of Tourney Grounds where poorer citizens are living. Current inhabitants are either helping and selling goodies in nearby harbour or they have some work in Upper Town. The district is not walled unlike the previously mentioned one.

Tw3 San Sebastian

San Sebastian in also place of one and only brothel of Toussaint, the famed Belles of Beauclair runned by Madame. While walking trought the district one can also notice a thing he would not expect from "a land of love and wine" - poverty.

Map description Edit

The city of Beauclair quickly grew to fill all the space within its walls and spill out beyond it. This gave rise to the Lower Town, also known by the name of its founder – San Sebastian. Currently the district is primarily home to laborers and their workshops and links Hauteville with the port – the center of trade for Beauclair and the entire duchy.

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Notable characters Edit

  • Artois — Poor townsman who is dissatisfied with inhabitants of poorhouse.
  • Ballard — Poor townsman who is dissatisfied with inhabitants of poorhouse.
  • Bootblack — Young and enterpriseing orphan with his little shop.
  • Romain — One of many beggars who was secretly clutch between Dettlaff and young bootblack.
  • Shelter Owner — Owner of the poorhouse, cook and caretaker for beggars of the district.

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