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Scrolls generic icon red Samum

Scroll contains formulae for the following:
Samum: upon detonation this bomb stuns opponents.

Brown oil: causes opponents' wounds to bleed.

This scroll contains the formulae for a bomb called Samum and for Brown oil.

Journal entries Edit


Price Edit

 Buy Sell
600 Items Oren  120 Items Oren 

Location Edit

1. What do you do?
1. Seriously?
1. Do you have alchemical ingredients for sale?
1. My friend Kalkstein considers himself an alchemist.
1. "Metamorphosis"... not bad.
2. Kalkstein denies that all substances are co-dependent. His hypothesis pertains to primary substances only.
1. Secondary substances don't appear of themselves. The distinction is justified.
2. After transmutation, substances continue to attach and detach from the chain. There are always six.
3. According to Kalkstein's theories, you could construct a golem.


Unless you really like using bombs and have spent all the Silver Talent points needed to unlock Bomb Preperation, it's recommended to get this scroll from the Alchemist in the Workshop rather than buying it from a merchant.

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