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Salma Lilith [1] is a succubus prostitute living in the Free City of Novigrad from the quest Deadly Delights. There, she lured many men to her lair, where they make love near Crippled Kate's brothel.

Salma has said that she usually avoids killing anyone, but when guards drew her into an ambush, she had to kill them. This put a contract on her life, which Geralt could accept. Should he accept, he finds the succubus, and has a choice to either kill her or hear her out and let her go.

Journal entry Edit

I'm not one to lie. Nor do I kill without reason.
— Salma, succubus
The witcher's investigation uncovered that a succubus named Salma was responsible for the string of killings afflicting the Novigrad city guard. This came as a surprise, for succubi do not usually commit premeditated, cold-blooded murder. This is not to say they are not dangerous: they will at times kill on accident, when carried away on a particularly gushing stream of ecstasy. At other times, they kill in self-defense: though they have the look of slender maids from the waist up, their supple limbs hide incredible strength. They are also invulnerable to fire, the igni sign included. They present witchers with an intractable dilemma: does this monster, who wishes me no ill yet all the same often causes harm, deserve death, or mercy?
That is exactly the perplexing question faced by Geralt of Rivia. In the end he believed Salma and decided to let her go free – though he could not shake off the feeling that he might live to regret it.

Videos Edit

The Witcher 3 Salma the Succubus Boss Fight (Hard Mode)01:32

The Witcher 3 Salma the Succubus Boss Fight (Hard Mode)

Notes & references Edit

  1. First name appears in game whether surname in Prima guide

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