St. Gregory was a hero of Novigrad living in the 10th century who was declared a saint after saving the city from a horrible famine by sacrificing half his fortune to import food from the Kingdom of Nazair. The Bridge connecting Temple Isle with the rest of Novigrad is named after him. Is it not clear if it is the same person which was mentioned in the first game - an inquisitor, author of litany, who, according to legend, died in the ancient crypt after defending himself from the heretics.

The Witcher (PC) Edit

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And then Saint Anselm spake these words: heretics killed the inquisitor Saint Gregory to avenge their kin, whose sinful bodies the hallowed man had purified with the Eternal Fire. In the temple Gregory awaited them, armed with his words of faith and a great axe named Meatcutter! It is said the mob twice attacked Saint Gregory like a wailing wind, but he did not bow! Then Gregory sang the litany, summoning the Eternal Fire, in whose flames the vile heretics turned to ash. Gregory, however, sealed himself inside the temple and expired from his wounds shortly thereafter.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edit

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Hero of Novigrad who saved the city from a horrible famine three hundred years ago by sacrificing half his fortune to import food from Nazair. After this, he was declared a saint, something even the jurors of the Church of the Eternal Fire were unable to change.

- From description of St. Gregory's Bridge

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